Why Am I Here?

Why Am I Here?

Each of us is an individuated conscious awareness experiencing life from our own unique perspective within an infinite field of consciousness and energy. We are all engaged in a beautiful, ever-expanding exploration of both our uniqueness and our interconnectedness in this ever-unfolding sacred moment. While each of us is an individuated consciousness, our core essence is interconnected with the core of every other conscious awareness in the universe. On the deepest levels, we are all interconnected in this wild and wonderful dance of life and consciousness exploring itself.

To make the dance of life more rich, meaningful, and growth-inducing, those of us here as humans have agreed to forget our core interconnectedness in order to explore deep into the powerful dance of separation. We have immersed ourselves into this dense physical world, each with our own unique human body as our instruments of exploration.

By submitting to a collective field of agreement that, while in a human body, we will allow our minds to perceive each other as separate beings, we actually create the possibility for accelerated spiritual growth. By perceiving ourselves and each other through the limited filters of our five senses within the constraints of three dimensions of space and a linear flow of time, we create greater individuation and many new possibilities for deeper exploration into both separation and connection.

What maintains the sense of separation and sometimes aloneness that we feel in these bodies is largely our minds through the beliefs we have taken on as a result of growing up in this world. When we were first born here and our mind was not yet developed, we naturally felt connected with all around us. We hadn't yet learned what it means to be separate. Yet because we grew up dependent on adults who had also been strongly conditioned by the collective agreements of humanity, most of us ended up taking on these collective agreements and beliefs about reality.

Though some may have rebelled against the beliefs and agreements of those around us, very few question the deeper agreements about our separateness and the limitations of the physical world. And very few are aware of the multi-layered energetic realms beyond physical reality. Yet ever more people on this planet are now re-awakening to the deeper interconnectedness beneath the physical reality in which we live. Many are realizing that the physical world is but a superficial aspect of a much deeper level of being where we are all in constant energetic communication.

In the old paradigm, the vast majority of people on Earth were focused largely on matters of survival and safety. This kept them focused primarily on the dance of separation. Yet as these core needs are now very well met for a large proportion of humanity, we have turned our attention outward to ever more expanded explorations. As a result, in the new paradigm many of us are now co-creating, we are piercing the veils of the three-dimensional, five-sensory world to behold and begin to explore the deeper energetic realms, and to integrate the divine beauty and interconnectedness of us all.

As we choose to recognize and experience this deeper interconnectedness ever more deeply in our daily lives, we can begin to experience a richness in life far beyond what is available to those focused on the five senses and on old-paradigm concepts of space and time. The more we open our conscious awareness to the deeper energetic connection with all around us, the more likely that our lives will be filled with miracles and rich transformation.

As increasing numbers of us awaken to the infinite well of love and wisdom that lies within ourselves and all beings, we are embracing our role as pioneers of a new paradigm where we can reap the benefits of exploring the many mysteries of both separation and connectedness. Could it be that this is why I am here and why many of us are here right now? If so, let's have fun with it!

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