The Eternal Now

The Eternal Now

Could it be that time is much more of an internally created process than we would suspect? At the deepest levels, there is only the eternal now. In this forever unfolding moment of now, the beliefs, perceptions, and emotional charge we carry about our past and future have a far greater impact on us in each moment than what actually happened or will happen. In fact, as our beliefs and perceptions of these change, our experience of "what really happened" or what will happen changes accordingly inside of us. What we believe in this now shapes both the past and future. 

Both past and future are but extensions of this sacred moment. They have only as much power and influence over a person as they are given. 

The past is in some ways a fiction created by my current beliefs and interpretations of what happened. It is not fixed. The past is but a vast collection of energetic frequencies and patterns ingrained in my mind which influence me in this eternal moment. In the limited perspective of this three-dimensional world, however, we allow past traumas to become fixed in our minds through accepting the mass consensus that the past is fixed. It is our belief that the past can't be changed that often causes us to get stuck in certain behavior patterns in the present. 

The emotional charge around any past event in our lives can be changed. This, in effect, changes our perception of what happened.  By finding ways in the present to reinterpret in a positive light the effect past experiences have on us, we can literally change our experience of the past so that it more supports and empowers us in this eternal moment. Remember that if you believe anything strongly enough, that’s what you’ll see—that’s your truth. 

This is not to say that making plans for the future and learning from our past are not valuable. There can be great joy and meaning in using some of our time in this now contemplating both the past and future. That is part of what makes life in this world rich and fascinating. Yet when we get caught up in either limiting past stories or future anxieties, we lose some of the richness and joy that is always available when we remember to focus on this sacred moment. 

In the expanded dimensions, the past and future become largely irrelevant. There is only now! In these higher dimensions, there are infinite possibilities for both past and future, yet few in this world can see this with much clarity. We all live in a world of infinite possibilities—if we choose to open to it.

What the sacred medicines have taught me in a big way is that I can only handle so much at one time. I am so grateful that my limited consciousness doesn't have to handle everything all at once in this moment. I'm incredibly thankful that now is not static, but ever unfolding in dynamic ways. We are eternal beings on a cosmic ride together in this eternal moment to who knows what end. 

Ultimately there is only here and now forever. We are stuck right here in this moment for all eternity. We can't escape it. So we might as well relax, get used to it, and learn how to enjoy the game. I suspect this is what the original source of All That IS wanted for us and Itself when It created the game. 

And ultimately, there is no rush to get anywhere. Growth and learning is most often a gradual process that I/we have co-created. Each step of the journey IS the journey, because in the end, which is right NOW, that’s all there ever is. Right now. We always exist in this very moment. For all that we might try, we cannot live in the past or future. So why not relax and make the very best of what we’ve got right here and now. By doing this, we can learn to ever more embrace and live fully in this sacred moment.

I have less clarity now than in my younger years about where my life is going. As I grow older, I see ever more clearly that what matters is staying focused on this ever unfolding sacred moment and trusting that I can and will surf gracefully any waves that come my way. Though I love to learn and know ever more about what is going on inside me and around me, I'm also comfortable with not knowing and trusting that there is a greater purpose to everything that happens. I fully welcome the divine mystery in all the ways it shows up in this ever-unfolding moment of now.

Help me to remember that I am always in the heart of forever, no future, no past. 

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