Veil Between the Worlds

The Veil Between the Worlds
On Consciousness, the Universal Field, and the Veil Between the Worlds

The consciousness of each one of us is a unique, yet integral part of an infinite field of interconnected vibration. Each of us is playing a distinct and vital role in the exploration of all that is possible as part of this universal field of vibration in this forever unfolding moment of now. Though we may at times feel separate from all that is around us, the more we open to our connection with this mystical field of limitless possibility, the more we can embrace our infinite potential as unique, magnificent, and creative expressions of the universe.

The collective intelligence of the universe appears to have created a veil which serves to greatly limit the awareness of our individuated consciousness on incarnating into this time-space world. On passing through the veil and taking on a human body, we forget who we are. We lose awareness that on the most expanded levels we are always connected with everything around us. We forget the limitless potential that is always available both within and outside of ourselves.

Yet even though we may have forgotten our magnificence, our incarnation into this physical reality and the accompanying loss of awareness of our divine heritage serves a greater purpose. By becoming unconscious of our greater role and our interconnectedness with All That Is, we are able to explore realms which might not otherwise be accessible.

This deeper purpose can be quite difficult to comprehend while our consciousness is housed here in limited physical bodies which focus our awareness largely on only three dimensions and five senses out of the limitless possibilities available. Due to this veiling process, our thinking and experience of life on Earth tends to be consumed with the more limited realities immediately surrounding us.

Yet when we die and our consciousness is released from the body and this physical plane, we pass back to the other side of the veil where it is possible to view the Earthly lives we just lived from a highly expanded vantage point. With the veil removed, our awareness expands far beyond the confines of this time-space world and suddenly everything in the lives we just lived makes sense.

This side of the veil seems to function in such a way that the external is a reflection of the internal. There is an ever-unfolding perfect balance between the two. That said, it appears there is a time lag between a shift in internal awareness and its reflection on the outside likely due to the linear quality of time here. The more conscious we choose to become of the mirroring of the internal and external worlds, the more easily we are able to surrender to the deeper meaning and realities of life and from that place do our part in bringing heaven down here.

More on the Veil

This veil causes us humans to forget our shared divine heritage for the purpose of exploring what it's like to feel separate and disconnected, and to play the games that arise from this. The veil creates the illusion that because physically we are separate, spiritually we are disconnected as well. Yet as individuated fragments of the Divine, we can all assist the Divine in having a richer and ever more expanded experience of itself and all existence.

Life on Earth can actually be a great game for exploring consciousness for those who see the veil for what it is and understand that even as we are physically separate here, spiritually we are all intimately interconnected in this divine cosmic dance.

The veil obscures our consciousness from awareness of the absolute sacredness and divinity of all life, so that we often doubt that we are divine at our core or that the universe is a divine and loving presence. This doubt can engender intense emotions and great drama which provide the stage upon which we explore life with all of its intense richness here.

Most souls on Earth are deeply mired in the shadow aspects of the veil, so much so that they have great difficulty seeing or even believing that there is a veil or that there might exist expanded dimensions beyond this veil. They are steeped in the drama of life on Earth. And they tend to believe that this three-dimensional, five-sensory world is all we've got.

Yet a small, ever growing number of souls here now are awakening to and exploring the veil and what lies beyond it. These souls are increasingly connecting with each other so that they can shine their individual and collective light ever more brightly as they invite any who are open and interested to join in their dance towards ever greater love and harmony.

Conscious, deep breathing and accessing our feelings more fully are keys to connecting ever more fully beyond the veil. Deep breathing seems to open the energetic channels, allowing us to pierce the veil and embrace the absolute divinity that we are. When I focus on nothing but deep, slow, full breaths for even 10 minutes, I am amazed at how much my mind quiets down and my consciousness opens to expanded dimensions. More intense breathwork sometimes even takes me beyond the veil.

Thoughts and Feelings Matter

Every thought and emotion that arises within us radiates both inward and outward as a distinct energy form. In other words, every thought and every feeling we have emanates out to the world and into ourselves as an energetic vibration. These energy forms then interact with those around us and with the entire field of collective consciousness. On some level, we are also picking up on the combined thought and feeling forms or vibrations of everyone and all that is around us. Yet we always have choice in how we respond to what enters our energetic space and awareness.

When an energetic form from outside of us enters our space, if there is no resonance with anything in our energetic field, it simply passes through us. We don't notice it and go on unchanged from the state of consciousness we were in before it passed through, just as a radio picks up only the waves of the station to which it is tuned and is unaffected by the waves of all the other stations. When, however, there is some resonance (or resistance) in our energetic field, this form then affects us. The amount we are affected depends on the strength of the form and how much our energetic field is in resonance or in resistance to this energetic form.

Most people are constantly affected by thought and emotion forms from outside of themselves. When someone walking down the street gives us a dirty look, an energy form is created and enters our awareness. When we perceive this, if we are super busy or feeling very confident of ourselves, we might hardly notice it. Yet someone who has deep inferiority issues might take that same energy form in and interpret it as further proof that they are inferior. How we interpret and respond to the energy forms that enter our space makes all the difference in our experience of life.

The Process of Physical Manifestation

On this side of the veil, physical objects around us appear very solid and real. Yet on an energetic level, they are manifestations of collective thought forms. Take a car for example. Any car you see once started as a creative thought form in someone's mind. This thought form was shared with others. A team of people then added their thoughts to further refine the original thought form.

This collective design process refined that original thought form of the car until it eventually manifested as a detailed blueprint on paper. The blueprint was then sent to a factory where this inscribed collective thought form was actually produced to become the physical form that you see out on the street. And for every car out there, the person who bought it felt an internal resonance with both the style and price of the car which caused them to eventually buy it. This is an example of how every car is the physical manifestation of a collective of thought forms.

Could it be that in the same way, thought forms create everything in physical reality on this side of the veil? Consider that the Earth itself may be an expression or creation of the combined thought forms of humanity and all beings involved with the planet. And each of us may on an energetic level be a co-creation resulting from the thought forms of all around us interacting with our unique consciousness.

Could it be that through this energetic process of manifestation, we all co-create each other through our projections and interpretations of ourselves and each other? I suspect that the more conscious we become of this divine co-creative process, the more easy it is to surrender to the divine mystery of life, and from that place of surrender to powerfully create into the unknown.

My Journey Into the Mystery

I love opening to the fluid state of energetic interconnectedness I feel beneath this three-dimensional physical reality. On opening to the flowing sacred vibrations which connect all of us in that state, I feel rejuvenated. It's like allowing the vast ocean of all consciousness to lovingly embrace this unique drop of consciousness that is me.

I very much enjoy using breathwork, dancing, yoga, sacred medicines, sacred sexuality, dreams, eye gazing, and more to get to this beautiful state of greater awareness. As an example, the inspiration and ideas for this particular essay came to me during two Bikram yoga sessions, one on Feb. 19th and the other March 6th of 2013, in which I was able to fully access this deeper state.

There are times when I am able to focus my awareness and open to this state even in my day-to-day life. When this happens, I can see your individuated, physical body on the outside while at the same time I feel beneath the physical form our interconnectedness with each other and with all of existence. In that place, I experience no physical separation between us.

The veil creates apparent separation on the outside, yet as I explore these mysteries from this side of the veil, I'm finding I am increasingly able to come back to that place deep inside where I know without doubt that we are all always connected. This very much helps to keep everything in a greater perspective in my life.

For my entire adult life, I've had an unwavering commitment to what's best for all beings. I've also had a strong desire to know how life works on all levels. I feel that it is thanks to both of these that I've been privileged to see and experience some of the incredible mysteries of the deepest levels of the universe, and to explore how individuated consciousness interacts with collective consciousness and the infinite fields of energy which make up our universe. For this, I am incredibly grateful.

And I'm more than happy to share what I've discovered with any who are interested, and to learn from you and others about your explorations into life and the universe. I so enjoy learning, growing, and co-creating with you and with all of us in this grand divine mystery.

Co-creating a Map of Transformation Beyond the Veil

When I'm fully experiencing the other side of the veil, my interconnectedness with the universe is very clear and unquestioned. Yet on my journeys there, I have also seen other souls from this planet consciously exploring these realms. They, too, were finding ways to pierce the veil and enter a state of multidimensional interconnectedness. And we saw each other there and were excited to feel our conscious connection beyond the veil.

I have no doubt that an ever increasing number of us exploring those realms are consciously co-creating a web of love and interconnection which we can use even when our consciousness returns to the normal veiled existence on Earth. The more of us who join in doing this, the more that beautiful web crystallizes. And the more it crystallizes, the more its brilliance and allure can reach those mired in the veil back home. It's as if we're weaving this web together to create a map of transformation that anyone can use to find their way to these expanded states of bliss.

Ever more souls are choosing to reach beyond the veil and experience interconnectedness on a soul level. We are gradually discovering that our true home can be right here and right now. And we are creating and crystalizing a growing network of individuals who are present in this three-dimensional world, yet fully conscious of our interdependence and interconnectedness. We are laying down paths that anyone can follow to journey beyond the veil and connect up with this awesome network of expanded consciousness.

This is the map of transformation that we are co-creating. The paths are there, and all are invited. It's up to each one of us whether or not we accept the invitation, and how far down this path we want to tread. I invite you to come play with us in this beautiful and expanded state, where we fully know and experience our divine interconnectedness, and then to bring that state back into our normal lives. Let's bring heaven down here!

Note: For a road map to peer beyond the veil between the worlds into more expanded realms and states of being, explore the heart and mind expanding Transformation Course.

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